Professional Pool Services in Greater Fort Myers

We offer advanced enzyme technology, pool services that will increase the clarity and overall health of your pool’s water. Our method employs superior chemicals and enzymes, making the water safer, gentler on your skin, and extending the lifespan of your pool plaster and equipment.

Full Aqua Touch pool service includes the following:

  • Monitor and maintain the proper level of pH. This protects the pool equipment and pool plaster, while ensuring the efficacy of other chemicals.
  • Monitor and maintain the proper level of water calcium. When water calcium is too high it causes scaling. Water calcium which is too low causes pitting in your pool plaster.
  • Monitor and maintain the proper level of total alkalinity. Alkalinity which is too low can cause etching or corrosion of pool or spa surfaces.
  • Maintain the proper level of advanced enzymes. These enzymes
    • destroy algae
    • eliminate all food sources for algae
    • eliminate dirt
    • eliminate organic stains from pool plaster
    • enhance water clarity
    • sequester metals
  • Monitor the pool, and check for leaks, equipment malfunctions, and other problems. Early detection and elimination of problems reduces your repair costs.
  • Periodically add specially formulated enzymes to the pool to break down unsightly oils or other deposits. This improves the clarity of pool water, the cleanliness of pool surfaces, and filtration.
  • Periodically clean the filter. A clean pool filter reduces the burden on the pool pump while improving water cleanliness and clarity.
  • Net and vacuum the pool, as needed, to remove unsightly debris.

Full pool service is $79 per month for a standard pool.

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