Why Aqua Touch?

Aqua Touch’s specialized approach to water chemistry extends the life of your pool plaster and pool equipment, while making water gentler on your skin.

Advanced enzyme technology means your pool will be algae-free

The chlorine level will be no higher than municipal tap water. You won't have to shower after you swim

Your skin and hair will feel soft after you swim

The water will be gentler, friendlier, and healthier for you, your friends, and your loved ones

Our use of all natural enzymes to eliminate dirt means cleaner water

Reduced cost of pool ownership

Aqua Touch enzymes eliminate residue buildup in the filter, causing it to last longer

Our enzymes typically eliminate algae stains, dirt stains, and other organic stains from your pool plaster

Your pool equipment will no longer be exposed to harsh chemicals, causing it to last longer

Incorrect levels of calcium or alkalinity can take years off the life of your pool plaster. Aqua Touch's rigorous approach to water chemistry maximizes the life of your pool plaster

Why is an Aqua Touch pool cleaner than a typical pool?

Chlorine is a useful sanitizer, and in high concentrations can also be used to kill algae. But it was never intended to eliminate dirt. That is why chlorine does nothing to eliminate stains in your pool plaster.

The Aqua Touch enzyme mix contains anti-dirt enzymes, as well as enzymes which remove dead organic matter. The anti-dirt enzymes attack and eliminate dirt, regardless of whether the dirt is in your pool water or embedded in your pool plaster. The enzymes which remove dead organic matter not only clean the pool water and pool plaster, they also exfoliate you as you swim.

About Our Company

A typical pool service company over-promises and under-delivers. We are not typical. We have taken the time to understand both pool chemistry and the economics of our own industry, allowing us to keep the promises we make.

What Should I Expect From Aqua Touch?

Your pool and spa will stay clear. The Aqua Touch process ensures that.

Our prices will always be competitive, and will make basic sense.

We will work to reduce your total cost of pool and spa ownership.

Aqua Touch: the right pool service company for you

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