Pool Services in Cape Coral

Our enzyme technology and experienced water chemistry solutions offers advanced pool services in Cape Coral. Aqua Touch’s approach enhances pool water health, clarity, and cleanliness. We maximize the lifespan of equipment and plaster by using less harsh chemicals to maintain the proper levels in your water.

Traditional pool care routines rely on excess quantities of chlorine and other harsh chemicals to sanitize bacteria, oxidize organic material, control algae growth, and adjust pH levels. Oils, lotions, and other contaminants accumulate at the waterline, collecting dirt and debris and staining the wall’s surface. When used alone, highly-concentrated amounts of chlorine are needed to oxidize and sanitize naturally occurring organic matter. Chloramines are left behind in the process that can irritate swimmer’s eyes, skin, and lungs. Our advanced enzyme technology decreases the need for these harmful chemicals in your pool’s water.

Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions of other substances. They work as a catalyst, accelerating the process of breaking down and removing organic waste. This reduces the amount of chlorine needed to disinfect and sanitize pool water. Aqua Touch’s method keeps your pool healthy, clean, and clear.

Pool Services in Cape Coral:

Monitor & Maintain Proper pH Levels

  • Protects pool equipment and pool plaster. Ensures chemicals efficiency.

Monitor & Maintain Proper Calcium Levels

  • Prevents scaling and pitting in pool plaster.

Monitor & Maintain Proper Level of Total Alkalinity

  • Prevents etching and corrosion of pool surfaces.

Monitor & Maintain Proper Levels of Advanced Enzymes

  • Eliminates food sources for algae, dirt, and organic stains. Enhances clarity and isolates metals.

Monitor & Maintain Pool for Leaks, Equipment Malfunctions, and Potential Problems

  • Early detection and elimination reduce repair costs.

Periodically Add Formulated Enzymes

  • Break down deposits, while increasing clarity and cleanliness of surfaces and filters.

Periodically Clean Pool Filter

  • Reduces strain on pool pumps while improving water cleanliness and clarity.

Net & Vacuum as Needed

  • Remove unsightly debris.

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